January 27, 2016



How much fun do you have drinking with your friends discussing the UFC? That is what this show is. We don’t drink on every episode, but keep an eye out for our 2.0 episodes. Our show is available every Wednesday @7pm eastern.

If you are wondering “What are these guys like?” we listen to Ariel Helwani (MMA Hour), Colin Cowherd, Joe Rogan, Co-Main Event, Bill Simmons, Tim Ferriss, Fighter and the Kid, and more. Yes, there are parts of these shows we do not care for, and that is why we combine the best of each to create The NEW Sweet Science.


Paul Fraley

Co-host aka Dad. If The NEW Sweet Science were to get shamed by social justice warriors, it would be because of me.

My father introduced me to the UFC after he watched UFC 2. He told me about a 176 lb. man who could beat larger men from a plethora of disciplines by using techniques designed for “real” fighting. I was a small kid who was picked on and had to learn what Royce Gracie was doing.

I attended UFC 9 in Detroit with two signs saying, “Don’t ban the UFC” and “Unleash the Beast.”

If you would like to learn more about Paul, click here.

James Haggard

Co-host, aka Uncle James. I enjoy looking at MMA from all sides of the spectrum, especially the business aspect which is why we created the segment The Wolf of NEW Sweet Science.

I can still remember the first time I watched a Pride event, in awe of the savagery of the Axe Murderer, Wanderlei Silva. Paul and my brother Mark were into MMA before me, but my mom’s house became the place to watch MMA, boxing, and other sporting events.

This led me into changing around my own life by training in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, losing 50 lbs., and eventually opening my own fitness gym.

If you would like to learn more about James, click here.

3 guests regularly join the show: Cousin Frank, Ride-or-Die Kristin, and Brother Mark. We try to create our 2.0 episodes (episodes involving alcohol) when they are on, leading to some of our most explosive shows.

Cousin Frank

Cousin Frank is our resident, self-proclaimed, gambling degenerate/extraordinaire. He is a true sports fan, up-to-date on all sporting news. You know … the person in the group text who is always first to deliver the breaking news.

Cousin Frank has strong opinions, yet tries to restrain himself on the show. Knowing this, Paul uses specific techniques to cause Frank to answer impulsively. One of our fans personally messaged us stating, “Please have Cousin Frank on more. He is my spirit animal.”

Cousin Frank’s favorite pastime is live betting after a scoop of Mr. Hyde.

Ride-or-Die Kristin

Ride-or-Die Kristin is James’ wife, aka Main Thot. Paul asked James on the show if he desires a Ride-or-Die chick, where James replied with a definitive no. After reading several definitions on the show, we came to a surprising conclusion … he was currently with one.

Ride-or-Die Kristin has been known to dabble in gambling on MMA. Her first taste was betting on Nate Diaz at 3-1 in Conor McGregor vs Nate Diaz 1. Her second taste was betting on Michael Bisping at 4-1 in his fight against Luke Rockhold. Now, when Paul recommends the best plays for a card, she will respond with, “that’s it” if anything is under 2-1.

Due to the upper management position in her career, Kristin has also been called the Dana White of The NEW Sweet Science.

Cousin Frank

Brother Mark is James’ actual brother and the worst influence on Paul. He became a rabid fan during the Pride era. He is a fanboy of BJ Penn, and a certified d**krider of Kazushi Sakuraba, Alistair Overeem, and Fedor Emelianenko.

Brother Mark is tech-savvy. Due to his tech abilities and obsession/paranoia with security, Paul refers to him as Edward Snowden. He was an avid gamer, but now can only play when his wife is out of the house or asleep.

One time, Paul had to physically separate Brother Mark and James from fighting over a game of Super Tecmo Bowl. Alistair Overeem seems to cause quite a bit of conflict between the two nowadays.


Boxing is called The Sweet Science. For many years in the United States, boxing’s heavyweight champion was viewed by many as the “baddest or toughest” person. This was far from the truth, and in 1993, this truth was revealed to us in the Ultimate Fighting Championship 1.

Boxing is plagued with corruption, politics, and red tape. Undefeated records are protected, championship belts are plentiful, and absurd mismatches with odds over 20-1 are not rare. This does exist in the UFC, but not nearly to the degree in which boxing employs.

This is why we are called The NEW Sweet Science. For more on this topic, check out Paul’s in-depth take.


Aside from the biggest fight news, announcements, predictions, and analysis, we have a few recurring segments. These segments are not on every show, but do seem to creep up just at the right time.

We post a graphic which does not make any claims, but entices easily triggered, eternally butthurt individuals to infer a meaning, allowing them to express their deepest, darkest butthurt desires. This could be viewed as a specific type of trolling.

The posts are organically created on the show. We tell listeners what we are going to post, so they can be in on the fun. See if you can spot any on our Instagram.

Past experiences from Paul’s life. James surprised Paul with the creation of this segment when he told the story of how Paul snorted a line of NO-Xplode the length of an entire table before going out to the bar.

Ronda Rousey’s coach, Coach Edmund, is a terror on Twitter. We enjoy reading his tweets around the times Ronda Rousey or Travis Browne are fighting.

When you have to make an argument for a position you feel the opposite about, therefore fighting your inner fanboy.

Ex: You are a flaming fanboy of Conor McGregor, but now you must argue why he is overrated.

We pre and post grade each UFC event. Their is no collective criteria, but rather James and Paul have their own individual preferences.

Ex: James states a card cannot get below a B is it ends by 10pm ET.

After each UFC event, we decide if the competitors should be moved around in our rankings. Our UFC ranking system is an attempt to improve upon the current ranking model. We continue searching for new ways to enhance it by periodically making modifications.

It is new, and just like anything else in life, you must allow room for adaptations.

Since the UFC is “season-less,” unlike the NFL, NBA, MLB, etc., we set up arbitrary “seasons” (~3-4 months). Cousin Frank and The NEW Sweet Science will give you ONE Lock of the Season for each season.

The Lock of the Season must be a -400 or under. Since we only choose one per season, we take it serious. This is the one where you put a decent amount of your stack on.

No, we do not edit the page so it makes us look better. Paul has an obsession about honesty and transparency, and is known to go on rants about how gamblers try to sell you their picks by inflating their statistics. We are not guys selling picks. We are guys who enjoy talking to our fans and friends about the picks we made.

All of the picks are announced during the podcast. See the Betting Lock of the Season.

Apart of The NEW Sweet Science Performance Bonuses given after each event.  We have our Nickname and Not-the-Nickname of the Night.

The Party Parlays are bets where everyone at a party can throw in 5 dollars and win enough to get excited about. This is about increasing the viewing experience of an entire group watching a UFC card.

These are apart of The NEW Sweet Science Sportsbook for each numbered event. We tend to give you multiple options in case the party is a fanboy or hater of a particular fighter.

Paul-Fire is the opposite of a Quick-Fire, getting it’s name from Paul over-explaining his thought process, diving way too deep into a topic, or not necessarily coming up with a conclusion.

Paul-Fire may consist of answering questions or playing a game. Paul takes pride in this segment and guarantees to not suck. There is a method to the madness.

Before each numbered event, we provide a NEW Sweet Science Sportsbook, including our favorite bets, the Party Parlays, or maybe even the Betting Lock of the Season.

The NEW Sweet Science Sportsbook becomes “extra special” if our resident gambling degenerate/extraordinaire, Cousin Frank, happens to be in studio.

Stats we feel are interesting, humorous, or just downright badass.

Apart of The NEW Sweet Science Performance Bonuses which are given out after each event. We have our Sweet Technique (Technique of the Night), and our Not-the-Sweet Technique.

Social media can be vicious. We read those vicious comments directed toward us.

This is where James has free reign to discuss the business aspect of the UFC. He definitely has a passion for it.


We are held accountable by our fans, who happen to be the most intelligent and passionate of fans, or the fan de la fan, if you will. There is true reciprocity between us and our fans, improving one another … the Notebook of relationships.

Instead of being a typical butthurt, fanboy fan, our fans look out for one another, help us correct our errors, and engage in intelligent debate with data and logic, all while having fun. We, and our fans, do not salivate at opportunities to project our own insecurities and self-hatred onto others via social media. We act as if we have been here before, unlike a 14 year old boy’s first experience with reverse cowgirl POVs on Pornhub.

Don’t get us wrong though, we are susceptible to the occasional d**kriding.

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