November 18, 2016

Missing Weight Proposals

What should the punishment/penalty be for missing weight?

Missing weight Punishment Proposal

Missing weight is unfair to the fighter who made weight. Just like Our UFC Rankings, we have create several proposals for when fighters miss weight.

The UFC and commission have a standard protocol, which is too basic.

Here are 4 proposals for missing weight. They could be used separately or colletively.

Comment below and let us know if you love them, hate them, or what we could improve on.

1. Progressive-Pay Proposal

Quinton Jackson misses weight

The percentage of purse deducted from the fighter is relative to the amount of times he has missed weight. The first and second times are 20%, however, each time after the second time will increase the penalty by 10 percent.

1st time: 20%
2nd time: 20%
3rd time: 30%
4th time: 40%
5th time: 50%
. . . 10th time: 100%
11th time: 110%
. . . and so forth

2. Pay-for-Pounds Proposal

Kelvin Gastelum misses weight

If a fighter fails to make weight by .1 to 2 lbs., he/she will forfeit 20% of their purse.

For every pound he/she is over, the purse penalty will increase 5%

3 lbs. over = 25%
4 lbs. over = 30%
5 lbs. over = 35%
6 lbs. over = 40%
. . . and so forth

Just as the fighter who made weight has the difficult decision of whether or not to take the fight against a heavier opponent (a loss on their record, financial burden), the fighter who did not make weight also needs to make a difficult decision.

3. Wait-for-Weight Proposal

John Lineker misses weight

The fighter who is unable to make weight must weigh in

a) after their opponent weighs in
b) within the last 15 minutes of the allotted time for fighters to weigh in
[whichever comes first between these two]

Here is an example of what we are trying to stop:

Fighter X is not going to make weight. Weighs in at the beginning of the allotted time, therefore minimizing weight cut stress and providing a head start on the recovery process.

Fighter Y is going to make weight. They are still in the process of weight cutting and going to hit the mark one hour and 30 minutes into the allotted time to weigh in.

4. Punitive Proposal

Charles Oliveira misses weight

If the fighter misses weight by 4 lbs. or more . . .

The fighter must take a fight in the weight class two weight classes above the weight class he/she attempted to make weight in.


Charles Oliveira missed weight 2 times within 1 year at 145 lbs., therefore Charles Oliveira must fight his next fight at 170 lbs.

*We realize this is more of a punitive measure, and that Charles Oliveira will most likely not be a contender at 170 lbs.

A perfect place to implement this would be if a 170 lb. fighter needed a late replacement.

Redemption Effect

RDA makes weight points

We are in the process of discussing a “Redemption Effect” where the fighter could move back down the scale based on

a) number of times the fighter consecutively makes weight
b) duration of time the fighter has not missed weight

We believe in giving people the opportunity to turn their life around, and would hate for someone to leave MMA based on mistakes early in their career.



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